Tuesday, November 17, 2009

I SPY Bottles

Our three year olds are having fun with an I SPY unit. The I SPY books are the work of photographer, Walter Wick with the fun rhyming text written by Jean Marzollo. These beautiful and fun filled books have been on shelves since 1992 and a classic children's favorite! My boys loved the I SPY books and the Where's Waldo? books. Remember Waldo?

We had the children look at the books today with a partner and locate items on the page. I SPY books will be in our classroom library and we will play "I SPY" in our room.

Each child made an I SPY bottle to take home. This would be a fun project for a family reunion, birthday party or sleep over. They are also fun for car trips. It's cheap and easy-a great combination for kids and parents. Here is what you'll need-

**Clean and dry plastic bottles with lids-one per child. We used flavored water bottles which have smooth sides (for easy viewing) but any soda or water bottle will work. The children had 16 oz. bottles but we have 2 liter bottles on our classroom shelves.

**Gather lots and lots and lots of little items-we had buttons, balloons, dice, seashells, crayons, toothpicks, Q-tips, feathers and much more. Anything you could fit in the mouth of the bottle that a child would recognize will work. Place in a shallow box or a 9 x 13 pan or cookie sheet would work, too.

**Rice-a small 32 oz. bag fills about two small bottles. Place the rice in a container (like a shoe box). You will also need a small cup and funnel for filling.

**Super glue

**3 x 5 cards, a pen and a Sharpie

1. Place the child's name or initials on the bottom of the bottle.

2. Have the child place six items inside the bottle. Write the items on the 3 x 5 card. We wrote the item and the color (pink feather, yellow crayon, etc.) In the two liter bottles, you can put more items.

3. Place the bottle inside the shoebox and have the child fill the bottle about 3/4 or more with rice with the cup and funnel. Do not fill to the top. The rice needs some wiggle room.

4. MOST IMPORTANT-SUPER GLUE THE LID ON TO THE BOTTLE!!!(an adult job) Place super glue around the lid and screw onto the bottle tightly. It so funny when children first are using our school I SPY bottles they always try to take the lids off. Good thing this is not my first rodeo!

5. Let the glue dry a few minutes and enjoy!

Want to do more???
We just wrote the items on the 3 x 5 cards. If you would like your child to be able to 'read' the card themselves, you can draw a picture clue next the word.

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