Thursday, August 19, 2010

High School Graduation

You are so excited to have your kids back in school, you think high school graduation is years away. Well, don't blink. I just dropped my youngest at his university today and it seems like just yesterday he was walking into kindergarten. Time does fly.

I saw this idea in Real Simple magazine , the 2010 Family issue and had to share it with you. On the editor's notes page, managing editor Kristin Van Ogtrop writes about a graduation party she attended several years ago. People (by people I mean moms) are very clever when it comes to high school graduation parties. Take notes now. This mom had saved some of her child's clothes throughout years and hung them up on a clothes line in chronological order. Cute! I thought about all the soccer and baseball team t-shirts, the super hero shirts and school spirit shirts. Get a storage tub and label it "High School Graduation".

Before you know it when they say, "Bye, Mom" it's not going to be a few hours until they come barging through the front door, it's going to be a few weeks (or longer). Keep your eyes open and don't blink.

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