Friday, October 22, 2010

Big Green Monsters!

During the month of October, we talk a lot about real and pretend in our TTH class. We talk about the decorations they see in the store, how older kids like to dress up scary but kids are under scary costumes and monsters, witches, ghosts are pretend. It is all an effort to keep Halloween fun for our little ones.

This past week, we read 'Go Away Big Green Monster!' by Ed Emberley. As the children listened to the book they helped me tell the big green monster to go away.

The illustrations are colorful and are very cleverly cut. The monster starts with two eyes and grows into a big green monster and then slowly goes away. Check it out at your library or buy it to add to your home library.

We also read 'Glad Monster, Sad Monster' by Anne Miranda & Ed Emberley. This is a book on monsters and how they feel.

Our craft was a BIG GREEN MONSTER! The children were to snip the purple hair and were given directions to create their monster. Some of our crafts will have cutting or snipping. We want the children to be able to hold the scissors correctly and cut basic shapes.

Want to do more? I love Ed Emberley. If you have a child (or even an adult) that likes to draw, Ed Emberley is the man. He shows you how to take letters, shapes and squiggly lines and draw just about anything. There is also a book on thumbprint drawings. The books are easy enough for preschoolers but challenging enough for grade school children. Go to for many online activities and a complete list of books.

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