Saturday, October 30, 2010

Counting, Sorting and Patterns

The MWF classes are playing with candy pumpkins and candy corn. Before we give the children the candy, I explain many children have touched it and it has been on the floor. Do they want to eat it? NO! They are old enough to realize the candy is pretty fun to count but pretty gross to eat. We also often end our activity by passing out a piece of fresh candy corn! We sort the candy, make patterns and count out ten pieces.

Some days we have the children stand up and we sort children. We sort by who is wearing long sleeves, short sleeves, blue jeans, a hoodie, who has an older brother, older sister, etc. The goal is learning to find a commonality between things.

Counting is a math skill we work on everyday. With this activity, we have each child count out ten pieces of candy. I often have parents tell me their child can count to ten, a hundred or whatever but counting out ten items is a different skill. It is harder because the child has to have the one to one correspondence between number and item.

You can easily count, sort and create patterns at home. This weekend is a great time to start. Empty those Halloween bags and count, sort and create patterns with your Halloween candy.

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