Monday, November 1, 2010


This is another counting activity we have in our room. We do not use worksheets at our preschool so we have to provide active ways for the children to count. We usually have a basket of die cut seasonal or holiday shapes. Each shape has a number. The students are to count out stickers and have a teacher check for accuracy.

The ICC Child Care Connection has a die cut machine. The cost is minimal (I think it was a dollar last spring). Bring your own paper. Call ahead for hours of the work area. The Child Care Connection is located at ICC North at 54o7 N. University. Click for addtional information and phone numbers.

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  1. The Die Cut Machine is great! They have so many different shapes to cut too! If you have never used that kind of machine before ask for a little 20 second lesson it will make the task so much easier! Also, the Metamora Public Library has a die cut machine, you may want to call ahead to use that one.