Saturday, January 14, 2012

Cabin Fever Crafts

The Christmas season is over and Valentine's Day is less than a month away.  The snowplows, snow shovels and snowsuits were out this past week. It is really winter. Looking for something to do with your children or students??? Here are few ideas---
Valentine Vase


Last year, my nephew and I made a special Valentine vase for his mommy.  We covered a Starbucks Frappacino bottle with red tissue and add fun foam hearts. It turned out super cute but I would not use fun foam again.  Too chunky on rounded edges.  I think small stickers would work better.  Directions---

A special gift bag was required for such a special gift so I painted his hands red and we made a hand print heart on white gift bag.  We added fun foam hearts and then marble painted the other side w/reds and pinks.
For marble painting instructions---

Heart Hand Bag

Marble Painting

 We always have the children create a special Valentine for Mommy and Daddy.  This is what we made in 2011 (can't tell you what we are creating for 2012!)  The key to preschool crafting is cheap and easy and this Valentine craft was both. 

You have a piece of my heart-front

You have a piece of my heart-back
 We cut plain white poster board into heart shapes. You could use red poster board, too. You might  be able to use fun foam, too. Not sure if that would work but you could give it a try.

 The children put glue all over the heart shape and placed puzzle pieces all over the heart (puzzle purchased at thrift store) .  After the Valentine dried, we added a label I created on the back and  the children signed their name. It's a pretty easy homemade Valentine.

Need more ideas to keep your children busy this winter?  Here you go-
Practice writing letters and numbers in a cookie sheet covered with pudding.  It might be a good idea to cover your child, too.

Easy ice sculptures for your deck and yard :-)

These soapy snowmen are super cute!!!

Make a batch of cinnamon dough and cut into heart shapes.  String on ribbon and add red beads for an early Valentine craft.

Playdough ideas---

The egg experiment is easy and has a definite WOW factor---

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