Wednesday, January 11, 2012

A Piece of My Mind

            We have some new puzzles.  We have puzzles available all the time for the children.  Puzzles provide A LOT of learning for your child.   I love puzzles for young children because the children really have to think.  Puzzles are visually and intellectually very stimulating. 

We start off the year with basic puzzles.  We now have 24 piece floor puzzles in the nursery for all classes and the MWF classes have 48 pieces puzzles.  Want to know why puzzles are so great?  Check out this post from 2010

Puzzles are a wonderful alternative to the television, video games and the computer.  Usually after all my Christmas decorations are put away I set up a puzzle.  I did this even when my boys were little.  It was just another fun way to pass the winter evenings (and winter is arriving this evening!)  I  received two new puzzles for Christmas.  My family has a lot of confidence in my abilities because they are 1000 piece puzzles (I am kind of a 500 piece fan).  So early this week, I started. I hope I don't lose my mind!  They are dumped out, all turned over and sorted.  It's a little overwhelming but I'll let you know when I'm done (I am hoping by spring).

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