Saturday, January 14, 2012

Who Are You? Whooo! Whooo!

Is it Sarah, Percy or Bill?
Owl are fascinating birds.  Our focus this week was owls.  The children were introduced to new vocabulary words-talon and molt (ask your child).  I love it when we learn new vocabulary words!  They already knew owls are nocturnal and are carnivores from our lesson on nocturnal animals in October (recalling previous learned information, cool!)

For our craft, the children cut out the oval AND snipped. 

Of course,  we wrote a report about owls.  Several reports will be sent home next week (moose, polar animals and owls).  My printer crashed over the holiday and my new printer arrived yesterday. 

The reports and stories we write at school are important for several reasons.  When we write, I ask the children 'Are we writing what we learned or making up a story?'  For owls, we wrote about what we learned. We want the facts. Recalling details and information from the previous important skill in school.

Dicatating allows the children use new vocabulary words.  The children are verbalizing what they have seen and heard and putting the information into their own words. 

The stories show the children what they have learned is important.  Repeated words  are in bold and underscored  (like owls).  Your child will  be able to visually discriminate this word from other words in the story.  Remember we are working on emergent reading skills.  We introduce and practice a lot of skills.
Read and reread the stories with your child.

Check out  the post from 2011 and an YouTube video-

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