Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Planting the Seed

Sunflower #1  2008

If you think in terms of year, plant a seed;  if in terms of ten years, plant trees;  if in terms of one hundred years, teach the people.   Confucius    
We plant seeds every spring at MCP.  Several years ago,  the twins were in our class.  We planted sunflower seeds that spring.  They transplanted the seeds at home, weeded and watered and SUNFLOWERS!!!  The twins are home schooled so they measured the plants and mom had loads of fun activities.  What really makes me proud is each year they have harvested the seeds from their first preschool sunflower. After all these years, it makes me feel they are still connected to preschool.

Last spring, our TTh class read  'The Carrot Seed'  and of course we planted carrot seeds.  This little gardener was one of our TTh 3 y/o students. He harvested all these carrots.  Yummy!!!  This activity has sparked his interest in gardening this year.  He is helping get seeds started at home and has an interest in gardening.  Our MWF classes will have a seed science center in the classroom soon.  That should make this future farmer pretty happy!

Let your preschooler help you garden.  No garden?  Get a pot and some dirt. Plant herbs, a vegetable, some flowers.  Measure the plants growth. Watch and water the seeds and watch your child's excitement grow!

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  1. We love it that you are encouraging these youngsters to get their hands dirty by planting and growing! The smiling "carrot farmer" above just happens to be our grandson, and we are so proud of his efforts in working in the good earth. In fact, for an Easter gift this year, we gave him a mini greenhouse so that he can plant more seeds and watch them grow. Great job, Metamora Community Preschool and teachers!
    Grandpa Jim & Grandma Sue