Thursday, April 12, 2012


What a busy week with our TTh class.  On Tuesday, we read  "The Carrot Seed"  and planted carrot seeds.  We used a very 'green' pot for our seeds.   I saw this idea online on several different websites and thought I would try it out.  
Toilet paper tube seed pots! We have lots of toilet paper tubes at MCP.  This was cheap and easy...just the way I like our school projects.  Here's how---Cut the tube about an inch up in four places and fold into a pot.  I also slit a second tube and to place inside because I thought the tubes might get too damp and start to fall apart.  We will see how they work. 

We have lots of white folder labels (donated, of course).  I thought the labels would work for the children's names and the plant name.  No good.  The labels are getting damp and coming off.  Use a sharpie marker to label the tube.

The tubes don't stand up alone very well.  They might do better as the dirt settles.  We will have to wait and see.  If you do this at home, I would set the tube inside something so it stands up.  I put all of our seed pots in a large plastic storage box. It's really easy for me to bring in and out of the sunshine. 

We also made a craft.  The children had to cut the carrot and then they glued  pre-cut green leaves.  Very simple and easy but good practice with the scissors.   There is a LOT of improvement in scissor use and cutting skills.
Today (Thursday) we looked at lots and lots of seeds.  Ask your child about the seeds.  We looked at peach, plum, cantaloupe, orange,  pepper seeds and more.  The seeds will be out next week for the children to explore.   We  planted sunflower seeds,too.

We charted if we liked or did not like carrots.  Ask your child about this chart---Read YES and NO.  Which word is 'carrot'?  Have them tell you the numbers.  Which number is greater?  Which number is the least?  What did you choose?
What a fun week! Want to do more? 

****Make some carrot cake.  Search for recipes with carrots.  Preschoolers love to cook and a lot of learning takes place when you cook with your child.

****An experiment with carrots----

****A craft with carrots (older siblings might enjoy)

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