Tuesday, November 11, 2014

I SPY 2014

Our I SPY unit provides a lot of fun for our TTh 3 y/o class.  Over the years, I have gathered many of the large hardback I SPY books.  We have looked at these books as a group, we pair up the children and they look at a book together and we have I SPY books in the library, too.  This week we will be creating individual  I SPY pictures.  Lots and lots of magazine pictures, a bottle of glue and piece of tag-board and your child will have their own I SPY picture!  We are also creating a huge I SPY picture on a large piece of cardboard in the art center and learning the basic parts of the eye.
Our sensory tub is filled with odds and ends for the children to find.  The goal is to find all the items in the tub and place in the small tub next to the messy tub.  This activity introduces a lot of vocabulary--paper clip, safety pin, bobby pin, starfish, spool, toothbrush and so much more.  After the children are finished, they bury everything for the next set of friends.

Each child will be making an I SPY bottle to take home.  If you are entertaining for the holidays or or have a long road trip this is a good activity to keep little ones occupied.  We will have bottles and items to share with you on the parent cart next week.  If your child is in a carpool and you would like some bottles and 'stuff' please send a note in your child's notebook and we will set you up :-)  More information and 'how to's'---





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