Friday, September 25, 2015

Welcome to New York!

What a fun adventure in America this week with our MWF classes.  We have two small Statue of Liberty souvenir statues in our art center and one of our kiddos drew Lady Liberty.

 The children glued stripes, added the blue paper and office stickers to create a red, white and blue craft for America. We love the USA. 
We took a quick trip to the Statue of Liberty.

Then we went to the White House for a tour and saw the Red Room and the Blue Room. It's really pretty and pretty fancy!

White House

Red Room

Blue Room

Maps are fun at the easel! 
We are singing America the Beautiful, the Star Spangled Banner and This Land Is Your Land. You can find many child friendly sing-a-long videos on YouTube.  You can also sing Your a Grand Old Flag and Yankee Doodle.

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