Monday, November 2, 2015

Masterpiece Monday---MCP Sunflowers

Today we painted the sunflowers that were sketched last Monday.  It was a beautiful experience for children and teachers.  We thoroughly enjoyed watching the children paint.  They blended primary colors into secondary colors and each piece is truly a masterpiece.  We provided  a wide variety of brushes and briefly talked about big brushes are for BIG spaces and small brushes are for small spaces.    

We provided the children with brown paint and then added yellow. We encouraged the children but did not stop any creativity!

We then added additional colors---red and blue for blending and mixing colors.  Many children abandoned their sunflowers and enjoyed brushing and moving the paint!
Remember this is a new experience for your child so it's all about the process!!!  We are also learning many new vocabulary words---canvas, sketch, palette, blending, primary & secondary colors.   

Get busy and do something creative with your child today!

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  1. These are great! I would hang them if they we my kid's... It's so amazing watching the kids and the works 'in process.'