Friday, August 19, 2016

Reading Readiness

At MCP, reading readiness is woven into our program in many ways.  What is reading readiness?  A lot of things...recognizing letters,  making sure books, magazines and other reading materials are available for your child.  To learn more---

A wide variety information for parents from Scholastic Books---

Home Ideas---

Here are few things we do at MCP---
*children will learn to recognize their name
*alphabet recognition and beginning letter sounds (we introduce the sounds)
*literary units with crafts, projects and activities
*retell stories
*act out stories
*books are placed in places other than the library (blocks, dramatic play, etc.)
*children will dictate reports and stories
*centers activities encourage reading

*our room has words and labels everywhere with picture clues
*my favorite books

*plus a whole lot more!  Take some ideas and use at home with your child!

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