Wednesday, September 21, 2016

Arts & Crafts 2016

Arts and crafts are a very important part of our program at MCP.  The two are also very different.  Art is open ended.  We have crayons, markers, scissors, glue, cardboard and much more in our art center so the children have an opportunity to be creative on their own.
Crafts are done as a group at the tables with the teacher giving directions.  We use this opportunity to work on colors, shapes and spatial relationships (inside, between, top, bottom, etc.).  We also are working very hard on listening to teacher directions. 
If your child's craft does not look like a bear, a flower, a pumpkin or whatever---no worries.  We are just starting the year. We know sitting with friends with colorful paper and a bottle of glue is hard.  The children are learning how to use an appropriate amount of glue, how to pick up sticky gluey pieces and soon we will be cutting & snipping shapes together.  Please note---we do not move or relocate pieces that the children place incorrectly.Your child's work is their work.  We are working really hard on listening to teacher directions as a group!

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