Thursday, October 27, 2016

The Biggest Pumpkin

Parent brings you cardboard box because she knows you love
giant cardboard boxes (who doesn't?)

 The box gets turned inside out and cut into a giant pumpkin.

 Gather all the orange paper scraps and tear orange paper into scraps.
All classes turn the brown pumpkin into an orange pumpkin
(we seriously use a lot of glue at MCP) 

 Explain the voting process to MWF classes. 
Each child goes to the 'voting booth' and
receives a triangle and a circle to secretly vote. 
 Morning class voted on the eyes and
the afternoon class voted on the nose
(not so secret because most kids told their friends how they voted ☺)

 Eyes and nose get glued and the mouth is a pattern. 
A pattern can have the same color and shape!
A few more days of Halloween fun left!

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