Friday, December 16, 2016

Happy Birthday, Wassily!

Today is Wassily Kandinsky's birthday and we will be celebrating in our classroom. We are starting a large group project (more info and pictures soon).   We will not have Masterpiece Monday next week because of our Christmas parties but we have been working on many projects with the influence of the abstract works of Kandinsky.

The children are now very familiar with Kandinsky's paintings.  Before we worked with the acrylics and canvas, we used crayons and copy paper.  The children placed the colors next to each other and then added black lines on top of the color.  We do this activity first so when we work with acrylics and brushes, the canvases do not become a 'muddy mess'.


Next...acrylics and canvas.  First, we paint the canvas placing colors next to each other.
Let dry and then add black lines and circles...
All displayed in the MCP Art Gallery!

This past Monday we used black Sharpies to make lines and circles on white card stock.
The children used lots and lots of color using school markers to cover the black lines.
Finally, we brushed water over the whole piece.
Happy Birthday, dear Wassily! 
Happy Birthday to you!

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