Saturday, March 4, 2017


Although every day is fun at MCP, last week on Thursday and Friday we heated things up a bit.  Our annual  Super Summer Seashore Safari to celebrate the letter S was over the top this year! 

We have sixty five jellyfish hanging around in our room.
The idea started when a friend gave me hundreds and hundreds of large cupcake liners.  A quick search of  'easy preschool crafts with cupcake liners' and the jellyfish were born. 

The following weekend, my husband and I did a road trip to St. Louis to see this display in the Living World at the St. Louis Zoo and my brain started spinning.
I gathered a variety of plastic bottles we have and cut them down.  We provided markers, stickers, tissue, glue sticks and ribbon.  The MWF classes were able to create their jelly fish from start to finish.  Teachers added the tentacles for the TTh 3 y/o class. 

Each child was greeted with a lei.  We talked about vacations and the children chose a 'souvenir' from our treasure box.  Each child also has a colorful crayon and had their picture taken at 'the beach.'   Our rock band guitars put a dance party at the beach.  The only thing missing was a bonfire! Our MWF classes learned a lot about Hawaii and our Fun Food Friday snack was pineapple and poi (vanilla pudding).  Fresh pineapple is juicy and sweet and they devoured the whole thing.  No spoon to eat poi!  Lots of giggles when friends started scooping the poi up and eating it with their fingers. 

I'm a little tired of listening to a ukulele and  the Beach Boys but that's the way it is at the end of a're ready to go home.  Check out the webcams posted the other day and you can visit Hawaii with your child today! 

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