Tuesday, March 7, 2017

Everybody Cut Footloose!

I have a bin of ideas, future projects and new units for our program.  This book has been in the bin for a few years...

Then last fall this book was released and I had to have it.
Rewritten and perfect for preschoolers, this book includes a CD and our 3 y/o class are going to have a fun filled week with feet.

Today each child was given a card with a picture of feet.  I held up the animal and we matched the feet.  Some animals have two feet.  Some animals have four feet and some animals do not have any feet! 

Our project this week will be painting with our tootsies!  This is optional for the children but we had lots of tickly toes painting today.  Some friends even did it again!

Cover the floor.  Get a bucket of water.  Kick off the Sunday shoes and paint with your child!

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