Saturday, June 3, 2017

Things to Do---June 2017

Here's how you and your child can keep busy during the month of June...

Get in the kitchen to celebrate Flag Day with your child on June 14th.  A search of 'flag day snacks'  will provide thousands of ideas (to keep your sanity just look at the images)!
On June 16,1893, Cracker Jack was introduced at the Chicago World's Fair.  Buy some Cracker Jack and watch your favorite baseball team or baseball movie!  Want some Cracker Jack recipes?  Want to know more about Cracker Jack?

There are many stories of how and where the doughnut was first created.  On June 22, 1847 Hanson Gregory may have been the first (or not).  Celebrate with store bought or homemade doughnuts!
Don't panic but on June 25th Christmas will be six months away.  Celebrate!  Vanilla ice cream with crushed peppermints, watch Christmas movies and listen to Christmas music.  Ambitious?  Start shopping and crafting or make ornaments with your child (if your really ambitious invite the neighbor kids).

Take some time and plan to have some fun with your child in June!

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