Saturday, July 8, 2017

50 Ice Cream Sandwiches

Are you enjoying some ice cream during National Ice Cream Month?  Have some fun with your child and make some ice cream sandwiches!  Here are fifty ideas from Food Network Magazine.

  • Have your child pick out one or two recipes to try.
  • Read the recipe together and make a grocery list.  Make the grocery list for your child.  Use picture clues if necessary.
  • Give your child the list and head to the store together. 
  • Make some ice cream sandwiches and enjoy!
Why is cooking with your child important?  Cooking with your child provides you with an opportunity to be together.  Cooking incorporates language, math and science.  Working with ice cream you can discuss liquids, solids and temperature changes.  While you are cooking you can introduce new vocabulary words:  stir, melt, dissolve, etc.  Measuring ingredients works on math skills.

More info on why cooking is important to your child's development---

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