Sunday, November 19, 2017

Liquids and Solids 2017

Last week, our MWF preK students did some experiments.  We are learning that liquids do not have a shape and need to be in a container.  We also learned that temperature will change the shape of a solid or liquid.

We put ice cubes in a bowl and predicted what would happen. 

The ice melted!  We observed that all the ice had melted.  What will happen if we put the container back into the freezer?  More predictions...

We will be using the words experimentobserve and predict with our preK students as we do more experiments throughout the school year. 

What can you do at home?  A's water and containers.  Easy breezy!  Experiment with different containers, sunny windows or place a container with ice outside where it is still cool and a container with ice inside.  Ask your child to predict which will melt faster.  Why?

Liquids and solids also mean ice cream fun for our preK kiddos!  What's your favorite flavor?
Morning class

Afternoon class
We made ice cream (a quart of heavy cream, a can of sweet condensed milk and fifteen enthusiastic helpers to stir and mix).  It turned into ice cream!

Did your child like the ice cream?
Morning class

Afternoon class

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