Thursday, November 23, 2017

My Happy Place

These were the two people who taught me how to lovelaugh and learn.  My childhood home was a happy place and I was a lucky girl.

Since I knew what love was, I found a man to love and we married. We created our own happy place with our two boys.  More love, much laughter and lots of learning (children and parents learning...little did I know my kids would teach me a lot). A little luck and lots of work to create a happy place for our family.

After my home, this door...
leads to my second happy place.  I am so thankful that I have a career where I wake up and head out to a place filled with love, laughter and learning.  I am really good at a what I do. I acknowledge and give thanks for it is a gift.  It is not mine to own but mine to give.

When I close this door, I am able to love and be loved.  I laugh and see laughter.  I am responsible for learning but  I also learn something new everyday.  I am able to forget for a few hours whatever ails me and be happy in this happy place.

Find your happy place.

Happy Thanksgiving!

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