Wednesday, November 15, 2017

Too Many Toys

Most families realize that they have too many toys. Research is now showing the effect of too many toys on young children.  At MCP, we provide a lot of play with few toys.  Many of these toys and activities are meant to be played with alone or with a friend. We have a closet full of toys and a stuffed attic but most of our 'toys' are put away and rotated throughout the school year.  Because we strongly believe in the power of play and a child's imagination, we have no computers or tablets for the children.  We have no toys that require batteries.  We are powered by your child's imagination.  

Some of the benefits seen in fewer toys were increased in attention span and creativity.  We see this everyday at MCP.  Our students will sit at centers to color, work with play dough, put a puzzle together, sift through rice or beans and much more.  Their imagination takes them to far away places in our dramatic play where we hear them use vocabulary introduced in a group lesson.  

No screens.  No batteries.  No  daily worksheets.  

It works. 

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