Tuesday, March 31, 2020

Now Is the Write Time

In our MWF classes, we help the children write their first name. We do not focus on proportion, use lined paper or obsess about proper letter formation. We do not want them to get burned out on writing before they reach kindergarten. This is one thing most children want to learn to do-write their own name. Here are a couple simple things you can do at home to help your child--

*Cover your child with an old t-shirt or paint smock. On a tray, paper plate, plate or cookie sheet, place chocolate or vanilla pudding on the tray/sheet. Have your child use their pointer finger to write their name in pudding! Start with just writing the first letter. When your child feels successful with first letter, begin to add others. Older siblings? Have them practice their spelling words, math facts and more in pudding. Do it before bedtime and you can call it their bedtime snack!

*Adventurous?  Look for other things in the kitchen pantry that will make letters and math a little more fun. 

*Write your child name with a highlighter and have them trace the letters.

*We used hot cocoa powder in January for Fun Food Friday.  Hot chocolate powder and a pointer finger!  Dee-lish!  
Remember make it fun. If your child is getting frustrated, it's time to stop. 

Enjoy writing letters and numbers with your child

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