Tuesday, November 10, 2020

Christmas Wreaths

Christmas may seem like a long way away for your child but we know it's just around the corner.  These two wreaths take some prep on your part.  The Kandinsky inspired wreath is lots and lots and lots of circles.  Don't have the time or energy to cut circles?  Get a tub of fun foam shapes and colorful pom poms.

The circle is a twelve inch cake board.  We like using these for projects at MCP.  They provide a sturdy base for projects and are fairly inexpensive. 

Glue 'squiggles' all around the wreath.

Place larger circles on the wreath.

Keep adding circles on top circles for an abstract Christmas wreath.

Brush slightly diluted glue over the entire wreath and let dry.

Poke a hole and add a ribbon. 

A red and green wreath requires lots of red and green felt and material scraps, pom poms, paper, lace and ribbon scraps, small pieces of wrapping paper and anything red and green. 
Cut a circle in the cake board for a wreath shape and glue all over.

Cover the wreath with paper and material.  

Pom poms, ribbon, jewels and fun foam finish off this crazy Christmas wreath. Poke a hole and add a ribbon. Enjoy the holiday season by crafting some memories with your child.

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