Wednesday, November 18, 2020

Mr. Freeze

In November we learn about liquids and solids.  These photos from previous years show preschoolers observing the experiment.  Super easy to do at home.  Water, containers and your freezer.
Preschoolers love science.  Use the words experiment, observe and predict with your child.  The basic concept is liquids do not have a shape.  We also learn that temperature changes liquids and solids.
What can you do at home?  A lot!  It's water and containers.  Easy breezy. Experiment with different containers, sunny windows, outside, in the refrigerator, Use two containers and compare and contrast results (which melted faster? the ice on the counter or the ice in the frig?)  Small and large containers-which freezes or melts faster? Why?  
Enjoy learning about liquids and solids with your child!

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