Monday, October 11, 2010

Art Galleries

By now you may have several pieces of your child's artwork or several hundred. We have a lot of creative hands busy everyday. The refrigerator can only hold so much artwork and then how do you preserve those precious crafts and paintings?

***Head to one of the many Goodwill stores in the area and buy some frames. Check for store locations. Paint the frames a uniform color or collect unique shapes and sizes for your display. Check out for help with this project and other great display ideas.

***Do you have a glass topped table? Slip artwork underneath. Save seasonal art projects for this idea!

***Send art work in greeting cards to faraway relatives.

***Scan art and use a computer screen saver, post on your Facebook, place in a digital frame for a slide show (again great place for seasonal art).

***Use a three ring binder and plastic sleeve covers to store art.

***Pack up seasonal and holiday projects with your seasonal decorations and hang them up each year. I crack up when I get out my grown up boys old school projects. It really is such a joy to remember their childhood!

***The classic home art gallery is the refrigerator. I have many photos of my boys with lots and lots of art that did not get preserved. It is okay to throw it away. Seriously after a few years where can you store it all? The photos make us laugh because our first house came with an avocado refrigerator. We see favorite outfits they wore when they were little and we still can see the art! I wonder what they will say when they find out I posted their pictures on the school blog. Oh well, I'm still the mom :-)

Why go to all this trouble? It shows your child you value their work. The children love to create things for the family so try to create a space where your family can share their art work.

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