Thursday, October 6, 2011

The MCP Castle

Children love castles.  They are central theme in fairy tales and movies. Children are very familiar with the concept and look of a castle.  We have removed the 'kitchen' and replaced it with a castle in our room.  Very simple but very fun for our preschoolers.  I have used a lot of cardboard for a wide variety of dramatic play.  We like to use large boxes because they fold flat for easy storage.  We have a sleigh, a rocket, a castle, a house of sticks, stones and bricks and much more stored very compactly.  

The castle is very simple but the play is very complex. We have the castle, dresses, capes and 'armor'.  There is also gold, pouches for the gold, beads and medallions for the knights (this is what I did with all the medals my boys received for sports).  Finally, you can see the table and chairs plus there are  pots, pans and play food.

AND THE LEARNING THAT IS HAPPENING!!!  The children are using a wide range of vocabulary and their imagination provides the rest.  There is communication and cooperation.  This is learning through play.

Want to do more?  This is probably the best website I found  Let me know if you find more. There are also many books at our local library.  A word of caution about castle books-some have some violent illustrations of medieval times.

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