Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Alphabet Recognition at Home

Our MWF 4s classes have been working on learning to recognize letters of the alphabet.  We work on one specific letter per week.  That's what I used to do at home, also.  If my kiddo was learning letter A at school that week, then we would work on letter A at home.  We send home weekly information sheets that include the letter we're studying each week.  To tie this in at home, you might try one of the following activities found at  I absolutely LOVE this website and wish I had found it much earlier than when my youngest was in her last year of preschool.  It would have saved me lots of time searching for cool activities to do at home! (Beware:  you could get stuck on her site for hours just looking at all the cool things you can do with your own children.  I've been looking at it for 4 years now!)  I highly recommend printing these activities on card stock for durability.  If you have a laminator at home, laminate these, too!

Highway Letter Cards

Yep, just like they sound, these are letter shapes made into roads.  Yes, roads!  I have a feeling the boys might kind of enjoy these.  You can print off uppercase and/or lowercase letters of these cards.  I would really recommend only uppercase for now if your child has not learned all of the letters yet.  Then, using a small car, have your child say the letter name and trace the road with the car.  We practice using a "pointer pencil" at school in the air or on the carpet, but this is just another way for them to use motor skills to learn the letter shape.

Play-doh Letter Snakes also has these neat letter cards your child can use to help make the letters from play-doh.  I actually used to use wax paper and wrote the letter with a Sharpie.  Then my son would roll play-doh snakes and place them over the letter shape while saying the letter name.  This is just another way for your preschooler to work on learning letters yet have fun while doing it!

Happy letter learning!

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