Thursday, September 11, 2014

I'm A Big Kid Now

Our TTh 3 y/o class is learning a lot about what it means to be in school.  We are learning how to wait in a  line and wait our turn,  to raise our hand and wait for the teacher to call our name and wait for our turn to be the leader or ring the bell. We are learning to wait until everyone is served and eat our snack and wait for the garbage helper to collect the trash.  We have to wait for directions when we do a's a lot of waiting and being patient!  This is big stuff for our three year old friends. 

We have completed two craft projects with our TTh class.  The first project was about learning how to glue.  Each child received a piece of tag-board and construction paper pieces were placed in the center of the table.
 We started gluing and gluing and gluing. 
 We could use one color...
 or lots and lots of colors!
Our second craft was Bert from Sesame Street. The children really had to listen and follow teacher directions for this craft.  We had to snip Bert's hair and glue.
Student Work

Student Work
This is our first craft and the children are learning how to listen to their teacher and follow directions in a large group with six other children working at the table with them. Please note---If a child places a piece incorrectly, we do not move the piece.  Be patient with your child.  Remember---they are learning to be a student.
Student Work

Student Work
The purpose of the craft projects in our program---listening and following directions.  For more information---

We have scissors available for the children in our art center all the time.  In our art center, we have an activity for the children to practice cutting paper.  This is a choice for the children during center time so your child may or may not come home with this project.  A bin of paint samples is available and students are to cut on the white line.  It's really good practice.
We also learned a new song. Sticky Sticky Bubblegum is an MCP favorite---

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