Thursday, August 27, 2015

MCP Centers---Dramatic Play

Dramatic play, pretend play, imaginative play---whatever you want to call it, this type of play is an integral part of the growth and development of young children.  There are thousands of reasons of why dramatic play is a key learning tool for young children.  I don't have time to list them all but here is a good article on why dramatic play is important---

How do we play at MCP? Well, we dig for dinosaurs.

We travel to outer space.

We live in a castle.

We run a pet store and a vet clinic.

We operate a pizza parlor.

We visit the beach in the dead of winter.

We provide air tanks for our fire fighters, astronauts and scuba divers.

In the spring, we will plant an indoor garden.

Take some of these ideas and provide a space in your home for your child's imagination to grow!

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