Saturday, October 28, 2017

Witch's Stew

The holidays are so much fun with our preschoolers. Our MWF classes had fun talking about things that are REAL and things that are PRETEND.  We sing a song  about a witch's stew.  We learn the word 'cauldron' and add some ingredients.  We sing this song the month of October and this week we made some witch's legs and our own witch's stew.

On Fun Food Friday, we made witch's stew.  The children giggle, laugh and scream and it's a whole lot of fun.  We have large bowl and I call for spider web balls (popcorn),  spider legs (pretzels) and more.  We add the ingredients to the bowl and sing our song.   It's an easy Halloween snack.  
Here's the recipe---
  • Spider web balls (popcorn)
  • Spider legs (pretzel sticks)
  • Dragon teeth (candy corn)
  • Mouse ears (raisins)
  • Monkey eyes (Cheerios)
  • Stinky fish (Goldfish crackers)
  • Bat noses (chocolate chips)

We also work a lot on patterning.  This month a pumpkin and some push pins provide a unique way to master this skill! 

Halloween is just the start of holiday fun at MCP!  We hope you and your child have a great Halloween.  

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