Thursday, April 2, 2020

Writing Numbers

Writing Numbers

·      Remember the goal is not perfection but practice and interest.  Praise your child’s efforts.  The goal is to strengthen the small muscles in the fingers.  

§  1-Draw a straight line top to bottom.

§  2-Make a candy cane and a twisty tail (or straight line depending on the school)

§  3-Two BIG bellies for our friend 3

§  4-Make a small letter L and add a straight line top to bottom

§  5-Mr. 5 wakes up, goes down stairs, eats half a bowl of cereal, puts on his hat, goes to work and is home by 5. (It’s long but it works)

§  6-She slides down the hill and makes a snowball.

§  7-Across the field and down the hill.

§  8-Making a race track!

§  9-Make a balloon and add a stick so it doesn’t blow away!

§  10-Draw a straight line top to bottom.  Make an oval.

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