Tuesday, January 4, 2011

The Dinosaur Dig

Young children love dinosaurs. Our dramatic play center has a dinosaur dig.  The children love this center.  The photo shows the items we use to create a 'dig'.  When the children's imagination is added much happens in this center!  

We use old cell phones, cameras and a computer keyboard in most of our dramatic play.  There are also maps in this center (I cut them down so they are easier for the children to handle), binoculars, vests, hats and an old flashlight (no batteries). 

The dinosaur bones I bought at Halloween time.  We also include dinosaur books in the center.  We often have books in the dramatic play area that relate to the theme.  We don't worry about bent pages.  We want the children to incorporate the books into their play.

You can create a great dress up box at home, too. Having a dress up box stimulates your child's imagination, increases their vocabulary and are just plain  ol' fun!

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