Saturday, August 6, 2011

Preschool and Kindergarten

There is a lot going on during the school year in preschool and kindergarten.  We introduce and practice a wide variety of skills for kindergarten readiness.  By the time your child enters kindergarten, s/he should be able to-

*Identify letters of the alphabet
*Count to ten
*Count out ten objects
*Use art materials (scissors, crayons, markers, glue, etc.)
*Write name with upper and lower case letters
*Sort objects
*Complete patterns
*Identify basic shapes and colors
*Identify basic body parts
*Speak with complete sentences
*Recognize a few words
*Play independently
*Focus on an activity for ten minutes
*Care for personal needs (bathroom, washing hands, cleaning up, getting dressed) without help 

Don't stress out if your child does not have all of these skills mastered.  A lot of growing happens in kindergarten!

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