Friday, September 30, 2011

Office Art

 Aren't these fun?  Can you guess what we did?
 It's 'Office Art'! 
We are very fortunate that our preschool families are very generous!  You think of us when you are cleaning out home and office.  A few years ago, we had thousands (really---thousands) of the office dots donated.  We have always had a few in our art center and use them off and on for a variety of craft activities.  I recently saw this project in a magazine and knew it was good fit for our art center.  It's also easy enough to do at home.

Place the dot stickers (we also used reinforcement stickers) all over the paper. Use your imagination and create.  Color all over the paper.  Use lots and lots of colors.  Peel the stickers off.  Older siblings might enjoy this project, too.  Good fun to have on hand for those long fall and winter days.

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