Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Animal Arts and Crafts

I hope you are having fun with National Zoo and Aquarium month.  Need more zoo activities?  Get out paper, scissors, glue and start crafting.  We use crafts at MCP to practice cutting basic shapes with scissors, identify shapes, discuss spatial relationships and follow teacher directions.  We also end up with something pretty darn cute.  It is not art...it's a craft but that is another discussion or check out this post from 2010 http://metamoracommunityprek.blogspot.com/2010/01/march-of-penguins.html

Time to get started-Pick an animal.  You can  Google 'paper plate animal crafts or go to DLTK kids page for great ideas.  You can use paper plates but if you want your child to have some scissor practice, trace the circle and cut it out. 

If you really want to get wild, go to your local craft supply store and buy some animal print paper. 

Talk about the shapes and where they are positioned as you glue.  Use words like top, bottom, inside, between, etc.

Give older children paper and let them create an animal, too.

If you use poster board or a heavier weight paper, you can turn your animals into masks and have some fun dramatic play time.  Place on a craft stick to create a puppet.

Find a special place to display your zoo animals.  I hope you and your child are enjoying National Zoo and Aquarium Month!

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