Wednesday, December 3, 2014

You're a Mean One.....Mr. Grinch!

Our PreK classes are enjoying the Dr. Seuss classic How the Grinch Stole Christmas this week.  To add to the fun at home, you can make a super easy, super fun Grinch game!  This is an alphabet game which I have adapted from the Crocodile SNAP! game found on the website Making Learning Fun (my favorite!).

Use a washed Cascade dishwasher detergent tub.  Create a Grinch face.  I just used construction paper pieces glued with a glue gun for durability and a Sharpie.  You can add green pipe cleaner hair strands or a Santa hat on top to finish him off.

Print off and cut out the alphabet cards found here.  I printed them on green card stock to add to the Grinchy mood!  I also laminated for durability.

Since there were four blank extra cards, I wrote STEAL! on them and added them to the mix.

To play, put all cards inside Mr. Grinch.  Take turns picking a card.  On each turn, chant, "Mr. Grinch, Mr. Grinch,  heart of coal, what is the letter you have stole?"  (Please do not judge my poor grammar.  I'm just trying to rhyme!)  You must say the letter name aloud in order to keep it.  If it is correct, keep the card.  The next player takes a turn.  Continue in this way until all cards have been picked.  If you pick a STEAL!, you must place all your cards back into the container.  I would remove that steal card from play once it is used to keep the game moving along. Otherwise, it may be Christmas by the time you finish and you may well feel like a Grinch.

You can adapt this game to any skill and age level as well.  If your child needs to practice numbers, put in number cards.    If you have an older child who needs to practice sight words, throw in sight words for their game.  Need addition practice?  Throw in addition fact cards.  It's just a fun way to keep learning right on through the holidays!  Merry Grinchmas!  --MJ

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