Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Hooked on Fishing

Fishing is not an escape from life, but often a
deeper immersion into it.
Harry Middleton

What a fun morning we had with our friend, Dan, and his friends at Hooked on Fishing.  We had ten friends with their mommies, daddies and one grandpa meet at the Hooked on Fishing facility in East Peoria.  We had so much fun!
It was cloudy and cool but the fish didn't care and neither did we.

We learned how to put our line in the water and watch our bobber.   All of the friends caught fish.  Some friends caught three fish and some friends caught seven fish!  We were able to see the fish and then throw them back into the pond to swam away!
The geese were fun to watch, too!  Do you see the goslings?

Hooked on Fishing is a not-for-profit organization that is providing children, senior citizens, veterans and special needs groups a wonderful fishing experience in central Illinois.  Hooked on Fishing provided our friends everything we needed---poles, bait and the fishing pond.  We provided our new friends with snacks!  If you are interested in fishing with your child, open fishing is on Sunday from noon-4 p.m.   If you are interested in donating or want to attend one of the many events being held at the park, go to---http://hookedonfishingpark.com/

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Watch for pictures of our friends on Hooked on Fishing's Facebook page.

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