Monday, January 4, 2016

Masterpiece Monday--Kandinsky 2016

We are continuing with some projects inspired by Kandinsky.  Today we reviewed where Kandinsky was born, what inspired him to change the way he painted, what Kandinsky's style  and his favorite shape.  Ask your child about Kandinsky to see what s/he remembers.

We also looked at  Kandinsky's work.  We talked about the colors, the lines (straight or curvy), shapes and more.  The children went to the tables and each child had a piece of scrapbook paper and a Sharpie (we had lots of colors).  The children  drew lines and shapes on their paper.
We placed lots and lots of school markers on the table.  The children were instructed to fill the white spaces and color over their shapes and lines by placing colors next to each other.

After the spaces were filled, we showed the children how to paint water over the markers.  They were a little alarmed at first but as one kiddo shouted, "It looks like paint!"  The results are amazing!

We did this project because I found some scrapbook paper in a closet at my house.  You never know what will inspire you!  We did learn a few things....Next year we will give all the children black Sharpie markers.  When we observed the children coloring with the school markers they seemed reluctant to color over the lines and shapes.  I also would definitely use scrapbook paper or a heavier weight paper for this project because the paper held up really well when the children applied the water to their art. 

Want to see more of Kandinsky's work?

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