Monday, March 7, 2016

Pablo Picasso 2016

Last week our preK students learned that Picasso began to look at and paint things in a much different way than other artists.  This style became known as 'cubism'.  The children looked at many of Picasso's cubist paintings.

We also began a discussion on two dimensional and three dimensional shapes.  We learned a cube is a three dimensional shape.  I had two cubes with magazine faces.  We looked at the two dimensional picture.  I folded the cube and we saw the picture was still there but it looked very different.

For the children to create their own cubist portrait, we had them draw black lines.

The children were instructed to color.  We didn't care if they stayed within the lines or not.  We always tell them that it is their art and their choice.

During the week,  the children completed their portrait in small groups during center time.  They added eyes, nose, a mouth and hair.  They will be hanging in our MCP Art Gallery soon!

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