Tuesday, May 12, 2020

Tell Mom ASAP

There are many benefits to owning a pet.  May is National Pet Month and I have had my share of pets.  I have calculated that from childhood to present, I have had---5 dogs, 2 gerbils, 2 birds, 1 guinea pig, 2 rabbits, several lizards, hundreds of fish and one piranha.  My childhood was filled with pets and my kids have had their share including our first family dog, Rosie.

Pets teach children responsibility. I found the lizard note  in my son's room...the only problem?  He forgot the 'tell mom asap' so when I found the note I found the dead (really dead) lizard.  Children and pets provide humor, too!  The note still hangs on my bulletin boards because it makes me laugh.

Want to know more about why pets are good for you and your child?  



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