Wednesday, February 5, 2014

My Impenetrable Cereal Box Fort version 6.0

2014 Cereal Box Fort
Our cereal box fort is complete!  There are a few areas that still could use cereal boxes because the walls do not quite hit the ceiling.  Although we have not used as many boxes, this fort is the largest (last year we used 330 boxes).  Here are the 2014 stats---
299 cereal boxes
14' 4" long (2013-12' 11")
5' 11" wide (2013-4'6")
2 doors
3 windows
3 centers inside (rotating library & building center, writing center and 'special project' table)

2014 Cereal Box Fort
Our MWF classes always compare and contrast the cereal boxes. How are the boxes the same?
They all had cereal*are rectangles*are made of cardboard*have a picture of cereal on the box*have numbers*have letters*have a picture*are empty*open & close*have glue*are stacked on top of each other* and are easy to smash

How are the boxes different?
They all had different cereal*colors*some have animals pictures*some have pictures of people*different flavors of cereal*some boxes have monsters*some boxes are big & some boxes are small*cereal has different names*letters & numbers are different*the cereal came from different stores*some cereal is circle shaped and some cereal is shaped like a square*some boxes are up & down and some boxes are sideways

See if your child can tell you how the boxes are the same and different.

Here is the timeline of the MCP cereal box fort---




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