Friday, May 30, 2014

The Books of Summer

Summer is a great time to read.  I do more reading in the summer than any other time of year because my schedule is more flexible than during the school year.

Get your child's books off the shelf into their play!  We place books in our block center and dramatic play to encourage children to pick up a book. For example, books about trucks or animals might be included with blocks. In our dramatic play, books about space are placed with our rocket ship and  books about sea life are at the beach. We do this with most of our dramatic play.  Think outside the book shelf!

*Create a basket of books to take outside during play.
*Place a basket of books in the back seat of the car. 
*A bookshelf with a lot of books can be overwhelming for a young child.  Take some books and place them on a table in your family room.
*Take books to the beach or the pool!

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Open a book and read with your child this summer.

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