Saturday, October 18, 2014

There's A Spider on the Floor

Our MWF preK students have a learned a lot about spiders!
We learned the parts of a spider.

Students cut out a black circle and made a spider.
On Friday, students dictated a report.  This report will be sent home Monday.  We encourage you to put these reading sheets in a 3 ring notebook for your child to 'read'.  There will be picture clues and highlighted words to help your child develop some reading readiness skills.  The parent library cart has stories and reports from previous years.

Here are some questions you can ask your child about spiders---
*How many eyes does a spider have?
*How many legs does a spider have?
*Do spiders see well?
*Where do spiders live?
*What do spiders eat?
*How do spiders eat?
*Why do spiders build webs?
*How big is the biggest spider?
*How small is the smallest spider?

Ask about vocabulary words---arachnid, abdomen, fangs, venom and spinnerets.

Does your child want to learn more?  National Geographic has a wonderful kid's website---   Pictures, puzzles and lots of information! 

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