Saturday, March 14, 2015

Beam Me Up

Our MWF classes are being introduced to the universe.  On Wednesday, we learned how craters were formed on the moon.  We created a vast universe (cheap round black plastic tablecloth) and I put the 'moon' in the center (plastic deli tray w/flour).  Soon meteorites, asteroids and comets were 'hurling' through space and hitting the moon!  Every time a 'meteorite' hit the moon, a crater was formed.

On Friday, some students were the sun and held flashlights.  This allowed  us to demonstrate that the sun does move but as the Earth rotates we have day and night.  We also demonstrated the distance of the planets.  Ask your child about the stars, the planets and our universe! 

There is a lot more going on in our room!

The Rocket Ship---

Science Centers (MWF classes only)---

Rocket Booster 'How To'---

Want to do more?  There are some amazing videos you and your child can watch.  You can search for videos about space shuttle launches, astronauts and how they work in space and much more.  Explore the universe with your child today!

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