Friday, September 11, 2015

Come Over to My House

Our MWF preK classes are getting ready for an amazing adventure.  During the school year, we will 'travel' to many countries around the world.  We will begin our travels in America.  We introduce many concepts---
*we show students a globe and a map
*we introduce the word sphere
*we will talk about the name of our country, our state and town and also our flag
*we talk about how a map and a globe are the same and how they are different
*we talk about the oceans
*we talk about that there are children all over the world 
*and much much more.

So, today we looked at the globe and the map.  We talked about countries.  We learned the name of our country is the United States of America.  We looked at our flag and talked about the colors, the pattern and counted the stripes. One friend in our morning class had a flag on his shirt!

Well, where do we live?  We live in a house.  Our craft was a house. When we create crafts at MCP, there is a lot of talk about shapes and colors and following directions.  The children glued the roof on the house and then added doors and windows.  
Come over my house!  Come over and play!

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