Friday, September 4, 2015


Preschoolers are really busy and require a lot 'stuff'.  Blocks, dress-ups, crayons, glue, paper, puzzles plus a thousand other things are all over our classroom.  Because the children are so busy, we try not have the wall space filled from corner to corner with unnecessary paperwork.  We have our ABC's on the wall plus the bulletin boards.  The rest of the wall space is unadorned.  However, we often use posters to post inside the children's play.  Many of the posters are from National Geographic magazine.
Posters are placed in the block center, the library, the dramatic play center and the art center.  When there are posters of dinosaurs in the dramatic play, the children will point to and talk about the dinosaurs as they work on their 'dig'.  Posters of planets help the children map out their route as they travel through space.  This helps your child build communication skills with their peers and will increase vocabulary. As the children learn new vocabulary, they will use words like fossil, paleontologist, craters, etc. in their play. 
Posters allow the children to discuss learned concepts with each other in a different manner.  Last year, several boys gathered by this poster and identified and talked about whales.

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