Saturday, October 1, 2016

The MCP Art Institute

We have introduced our Masterpiece Monday program to our MWF classes.  We are learning about primary colors, secondary colors and can identify portraits, landscapes, seascapes and a still life.  We are also learning how to draw.  Now this activity is not just about drawing---the children have to listen, identify colors, think about shapes and spatial relationships. It also provides us an opportunity to observe their fine motor skills. 

They will also discover that every time they draw, they get a little bit better.  We started with landscapes and simple instructions. A green line along the bottom---draw a brown number 11 and add a green circle.  Landscapes have lots of trees and trees are different!  The children began to add details on their own (sun, clouds and apples).
On Friday, we drew a still life.  We placed an orange, an apple and a vase with flower on the table (great idea from Mrs. U)   We closed our eyes and then opened them.  Did the fruit or flower move?  No!  They are STILL...

Simple directions---Draw a black line on the bottom (that's the table).  An orange circle looks like an orange when we color it.  What's next to the orange?  An apple!  Don't forget a stem!  The number 11 makes a vase/rectangle when we connect the two numbers with a line.  A small brown circle and the letter V create a sunflower! 

Get out some crayons and draw a landscape and still life with your child today!

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